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Here is a comprehensive list of all original works and arrangements available to you. 

The pieces are listed under their publishers. 

If you would like more information, click on "Contact Me" and send your question.  

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There are simply too many recordings, both on CD or on YouTube, to mention. 

If you are interested in hearing a piece or finding a recording, contact me for information. 

I look forward to helping you find something beautiful. 

Camellia Music

Companion Pieces to Accompany the Suzuki Piano Repertoire.   

     10 volumes includes a duet for every piece. 

     Vol. 1-3 for 1 piano 4 hands

     Vol. 1-7 for 2 pianos and the Addendum pieces

Keyboard Home Companion Vols. 1 & 2

      Easier duets for Suzuki Vol. 1-2 for Piano duets geared to parents or siblings

Christmas Around the Keyboard Favorite carols for families for Piano duets or triplets. Green, Red & Gold.

Triolets Over 150 violin and cello arrangements to accompany many standard and Suzuki piano pieces.

      Click on the Compilation Tables of Contents above for the list.

Easy Handbell Music for Choirs of Varying Levels and Sizes  Click on Compilation Tables of Content for list. 


  • All Glory, Laud and Honor: Celebratory hymn for SATB choir, opt. Youth Chorus, Handbells, Organ, Brass Quintet, Timpani

  • Alleluia, Suscipe et Gratia: Original handbell piece commemorating a handbell director for 5-7 Oct handbells

  • American Voices: 4 mvts for SATB choir, piano, saxophone with texts by R. Frost, L. Hughes, J. Palen.  Movements can stand-alone.

  • Ancient Elements: 7 mvts inspired by the ancient elements for Baritone Voice and piano

  • Apostle, The: Celebrating of the 30th Anniversary of the Organ, St. Paul's United Methodist Church, Rochester, MI for Organ, Soprano

  • Aria and Scherzo: Melodic, lyric and energetic chamber work for String quartet and piano

  • Asteria: 3 mvts inspired by constellations and their legends. Movements can be stand-alone works. for Brass quintet

  • Baptism Blessing: Song to celebrate a baby's baptism.  Optional text for a wedding. for Soprano, piano, violin or treble instrument in C

  • Beautiful Soul, A: Written to memorialize a beloved grandfather for Bb or A Clarinet and piano

  • Borealis: 3 mvt evocative essay about Michigan’s upper peninsula  for French horn, piano

  • Brickyard Suite: 3 mvts for string quartet or octet. This depiction of Flint, MI explores many aspects of a strong city.

  • Cappuccino Suite: 4 mvts based on music from coffee growing countries for Flute, Oboe, Harpsichord, String Quartet

  • Children's Corner Concertino: Chamber orchestra accompaniment to Debussy’s "Children’s Corner" for Theatre orchestra

  • Concertino au Chemin aux Etoiles: 2 mvt harp concerto for harp and string orchestra for Solo harp, string orchestra

  • Coronado: Dramatic essay for string orchestra and flute ensemble for 3 C Flutes, piccolo, string quintet, opt. Piano

  • Cortege and Litany: I mvt ballade memorializing a percussionist. Percussion quartet, trombone quartet and solo tenor

  • Duality: 3 mvts dedicated to increasing original repertoire for tenor saxophone for Tenor Sax, piano

  • Duets: Original and arranged music for piano duet for all levels for 1p4h and 2 pianos.  See Compilation Tables for list.

  • Easter Morning: Medley of Easter hymns: Christ lag in Todesbanden, Lift High the Cross, Christ the Lord is Risen Today for Concert Band

  • Evensong: Nocturne for solo flute for Solo C flute, with optional improvised accompaniment for guitar or piano

  • Finding Peace: Serenade for English Horn and Piano or opt. Harp for English Horn, Piano or Harp

  • Fitzwilliam Folio Vols. 1  & 2: 3 arrangements per volume from the Fitzwilliam Virginal Book for Piano trio

  • Force for Good, A: 1 mvt 3 section musical portrait of Grace A. Dow for Symphony Orchestra, Harp, Celeste, Vibraphone

  • Friendship Journey: American and Chinese national anthems, composed for a string ensembles tour to China. for Violin quartet

  • Garland of Carols, A: Medley of ancient Christmas carols for String quartet, 2 harpsichords, piano

  • Generous Land, The: 3 mvt sinfonietta for string orchestra based on a musical visit to Oregon Wisconsin for String orchestra

  • Globe Quintet, The: 4 mvts based on characters from Shakespeare’s works for String quartet and piano

  • Go Forth and Serve the Lord: A song to launch a missionary on his mission for Piano, Solo Mezzo-Soprano, Solo Baritone, SATB chorus

  • Going to the Sun: 3 mvts describing the preparation and realization of a Blackfoot Indian ritual journey. for Baritone Sax and Harp or piano

  • Hayley's Theme: Written as a loving gift to a lovely wife for Solo violin, piano

  • Heaven Will Be Full of Music and Gardens: Multi-section single movement portrait of a loving wife. for Piano and opt. Cello

  • Home Waltz, The: A gentle waltz to commemorate a beloved grandfather for 5 octave handbells

  • Hymn to Music: Rhapsodic tribute to the power of music to unite people. For the 20th Anniversary of NOC for SATB choir and Orchestra

  • I Love to Tell the Story: Celebratory piece for handbells, SATB choir and piano for SATB choir, 2 solo sopranos, handbells, piano

  • In a Faraway Land: Original hymn for Soprano and Piano

  • Interlochen Vignette: A work to enchant adult amateur enthusiasts of the flute for Flute choir

  • Joyful Noise, A: Symphonic 3 mvts based on poetry from Psalms for Symphony Orchestra

  • Julius Caesar: Arranged for Handbells and piano from the Globe Quintet for 5 oct handbells and piano

  • Lake Music: 1 mvt sectional work evokes the beauty of the Finger Lakes in Western New York for String orchestra

  • Lake Titus Memoir: 1 mvt free-composed improvisation to celebrate a 50th Wedding Anniversary for Solo piano

  • La Porte Del Paradiso (The Gates of Paradise): 12 mvt choral, woodwind quintet, brass quintet work. Based on the Gates of Paradise by        Ghiberti which hang in Florence Italy. Each movement represents one panel.  for SATB choir (6 mvts) Woodwind quintet (3 Mvts), Brass quintet (2 Mvts),  harp, percussion, organ, narrator.  Movements can stand alone.

  • Legacy : 3 mvts for the 200th anniversary of the founding of Flint, MI for Concert Band

  • Legacy of the Bounty: Written for the Tall Ships Celebration in Bay City (MI) commemorating the sinking of the Bounty in October 2012 during Hurricane Sandy for Concert band

  • Let All the World in Every Corner Sing: Arranged for 2 part choir, organ, 3 trumpets, percussion, timpani, strings

  • Life in the Sun, A: 1 mvt in 2 sections commemorating the life of David Einfeldt for Piano quartet

  • Lift Every Voice and Sing: Rousing choral arrangement of the famous gospel tune from 1901 by Rosamond Johnson for SATB choir, piano

  • Little Songs from the Praire: 7 Introductory string quartets for young musicians. Co-written with Rod Bieber for String quartet

  • Lore of the Dreamcatcher: 2 mvts inspired by traditional dream catcher legends from Ojibway tribes  for String orchestra, opt. harp

  • Loss: 1 mvt of many sections inspired by the loss of Sudan, the planet's last male white rhinoceros for Trombone and piano

  • Lovers Waltz, The: 50th wedding anniversary tribute for Solo violin, piano

  • Magyar Keverek: 1 mvt with three distinct sections based on Hungarian folk music for Concert Band

  • Make We Merry on this Fest: Arrangement for brass choir based on Andrew Carter's anthem for 4 trumpets, 3 tromb, tuba, timp

  • Makin Mama Miserable: Original jazzy music for piano solo for Piano solo

  • Making Music My Own: 5 volume piano method with many original pieces as well as standard repertoire for Piano solo

  • : Piano Method, Book 1 Setting the Stage, for Piano Solo

  • : Piano Method, Book 2 Grand Entrance for Piano Solos, one duet

  • : Piano Method, Book 3 Center Stage for Piano Solos, two duets

  • : Piano Method, Book 4 Virtuoso for Piano Solos, two duets

  • : Piano Method, Book 5 Ovation for Piano Solos, one duet

  • Man for All That, A: 3 mvt suite of new songs to old words by Robert Burns, Scotland's immortal poet for Solo tenor, violin, piano

  • Memoir in Silver: 1 mvt piece to honor a retiring conductor for Flute quartet

  • MJ's Adventure: 3 short mvts about a family cat for Piano solo

  • Mutya Ng Pasig, Kumintang: Arrangement of a Filipino tune by Nicanor Abelardo for Two pianos

  • Navigator, The: Overture for the new millennium 2000 for Symphony Orchestra

  • Northern Lights: 3 mvts based on art at the Mayo Clinic and Rochester MN for Piano Quintet

  • On a Snowy Evening: Arrangement of Stopping By Woods from American Voices,  for Concert Band

  • On Eagle’s Wings, Fantasy: based on Fr. Michael Joncas’ well-known hymn, "On Eagle’s Wings." for Flute quartet and opt. Piccolo

  • Orion, The Winter Maker: 1 mvt with 3 thematic sections depicting Orion, the spectacular constellation that appears in the Western Hemisphere during the Winter season, for Symphony Orchestra

  • Pax: Beloved original tune from the Rose Quartet for 2 violins, cello, piano, with viola/vln. 3 included.

  • Pennsylvania Medley: Arrangement of 3 famous tunes associated with Pennsylvania for 3 violins, piano

  • Pineapple Rag: Arrangement of the classic Joplin Rag for 2 harpsichords

  • Portraits: 4 character sketches for piano for Piano solo

  • Pragmatic Duo: 3 mvts based upon philosophic principles for 2 violins

  • Quartets for Christmas Vols. 1 & 2: Two straightforward arrangements in each volume for student String Quartet

  • Resplendent Tribute: Brilliant original piece honoring a handbell conductor for 5-7 Oct Handbells, 3 oct. chimes

  • River of Song: 3 arrangements of American folk songs about rivers for Tenor Voice, Piano, Violin

  • Rose Cottage (Ros Bothan): Arrangement for solo violin and piano from A Gaelic Offering for Violin and piano

  • Rose Quartet (Quintet): 4 original character pieces based upon roses for Piano quartet or quintet

  • Scores of Love: 3 songs based on American poetry about love throughout life for Tenor Voice, Alto Saxophone and Concert Band

  • Sealladh Allain: Fantasy on the beauty of Scotland for Organ

  • Serenada Romanesca: Romantic rhapsody written as a wedding present for Piano Trio

  • Serenade and Jive: 2 mvts written for a young pianist as a surprise gift to his dad for 25 years of music ministry for Piano, flute, horn

  • Seven Saints and Singers, The: 7 mvt choral work to commemorate the 90th Birthday of the sculptor, Marshall M. Fredericks, and the 20th Anniversary of his sculpture gallery at Saginaw Valley State University for SATB choir, Soprano Solo, Tenor Solo, Woodwind Quintet, Piano

  • Song for My Brethren: Hymn to honor the installation of a new minister for SAB choir, piano and opt. handbells

  • Sonico: 3 mvt triple piano concerto with Concert Band, full of energy and drama, for a high school piano student's graduation gift

  • Stand Up, Stand Up for Jesus: Arrangement of the famous hymn by George Duffield, Jr. for Soprano solo, SATB, organ, Bells, Congregation

  • Stopping By Woods: Evocative song based on the famous poem by Robert Frost for SATB, soprano saxophone, piano

  • Suite for the Sweets: 3 mvts written for a family of amateur musicians for 2 violins and Piano, optional easy cello and percussion.

  • Summersuite: 4 original dance movements for Guitar duet

  • Summits: 4 mvts about mountains for Piano trio

  • Symphonic Dreams: Symphonic overture for Symphony Orchestra

  • Symphony of the Ages: 4 mvts for the 40th Anniversary of the Oakland Youth Orchestras. Each movement was written for a specific orchestra, from intermediate to highly advanced. The two strings-only movements (Velocity, Courage) are for less experienced orchestras. The two full orchestra movements (Loyalty, Vision) are intended for more advanced ensembles. Each movement can be performed as a stand-alone work. for String Orchestra (2 Mvts), Full Orchestra (2 Mvts) Opening Fanfare for double brass choir is also available.

  • Talisman: Celebratory piece for symphonic band for the 20th Anniversary of the Western MI New Horizons Band for Concert Band

  • The First One to Know: Christmas carol based on ancient Gaelic melody for SATB choir, piano, flute, sax, cello

  • There Is No Rose of Such Virtue: Ancient Christmas chant, adapted for string quartet for String Quartet.  Also for string trio and tenor voice.

  • This Fine Day: Lively and cheerful calypso style original Christmas song for SATB choir and Piano

  • Torches: Christmas carol based on a French carol for SATB, Brass, Perc

  • Totem Voices: 4 mvts based upon Tlingit totemic symbols for Trumpet and piano

  • Trio Delights Vols 1 & 2 : Three arrangements in each volume from keyboard masterpieces for Piano trio

  • Tunes for Ten Fingers: Original character pieces with good humor for developing pianists for Piano solo.  See Compilation Tables for list.

  • Universal Truths: 5 short mvts on cosmic themes for SATB choir and Piano

  • Valedictory: Piece to memorialize a long-time bell ringer  for 3-5 Oct Handbells, 2 oct. chimes

  • Warthog Stride: Ragtime style character piece based on a chase in Botswana for 13 pc. Theatre orchestra

  • We Sing the Mighty Power of God:  Celebrating the 150th anniversary of First United Methodist, Saginaw, MI for SATB choir and Organ

  • Will You Be Coming Home For Christmas?: Arrangement of a lovely modern Australian carol by Mr. Robin Mann for SATB choir and Piano

  • Wonderland: Song written to celebrate the wedding of Justin DeLand, Lyrics by Jim DeLand, dad for Mezzo-soprano and Piano

  • Year, The: Chamber song for the 20th anniversary of a winter solstice concert  for Soprano, Violin, 2 Oboes, Bassoon, solo handbells, piano

Alry Publications

  • Académie of Dance: 4 mvts based on ancient dances for Flute choir, including contrabass

  • As She Was: Simple and lovely song about the composer's grandmother for Flute and harp

  • Baikal Journey: 4 mvts using folk music about Lake Baikal in Siberia Russia for Solo flute and piano including Bass, Alto, C, and Eb or Piccolo

  • Beach Music: Impressionistic, through-composed work that depicts the quiet beaches of Long Island for Flute quartet or choir

  • Catch a Falling Cherub: NFA Newly Published Music Award Winner. Written for the Capital Area Flute Club (Albany, NY), using variations on C A F C. for Flute Choir

  • Celtic Offering, A: 3 mvt NFA Newly Published Music Award Winner. A three-movement snapshot of the Irish landscape and her people. Music is meant to sound indigenous but is entirely original for Flute Choir

  • Chansonnier (Veil of Grace): 3 mvts French style dance suite for Flute, Clarinet, Harp

  • Chante : Solo flute with piano adaptation from Académie of Dance for Flute and piano

  • Children of the Wind: 3 mvts based on the wild land of Wales for Flute quartet or choir

  • Christmas Exultations: 4 joyful carols  for Flute Quartet.  See Compilation Table for contents.

  • Chrysalis: 2 mvts celebrating the development of students at Northern California Flute Camp in Carmel, CA for Flute sextet or choir

  • Contra Songs: 3 mvt work for contrabass flute and accompanied by other low flutes. for Solo contrabass flute, bass flute, alto flute, c flute

  • Dog Chronicles: 5 mvts exploring people’s relationships with dogs. Humorous, sentimental and noble.  for Soprano, Flute, Clarinet, Piano

  • Eclectic Trio: Short suite of mixed dances with optional choreography for Flute, Clarinet, Alto Sax

  • Falconer: 4 mvts inspired by the Scottish Highlands for Flute quartet or choir

  • Fantasy on Coventry Carol: Haunting ballade for SATB Choir, Flute quintet or choir, harp or piano, multiple instrumental options

  • Floris: 5 mvts about white flowers for Flute quartet and piano

  • For Hope: A virtuosic piece for bass clarinet and piano for Bass clarinet, piano

  • Gaelic Offering, A: 4 original tunes based on Gaelic culture for Flute quartet or choir

  • Galliarde: Adapted from the Academy of Dance for Solo flute and piano

  • Hill Country Sketchs: 3 mvts describing the unique attributes of the Texas hill country surrounding Austin, TX. for Flute sextet or choir

  • In Praise of Edna: 2 mvt piece commemorating flute pedagog Edna Comerchero for Flute sextet or choir

  • James Towne Trilogy: 3 mvts honoring the 400th Anniversary of the founding of the James Towne settlement  for Flute choir

  • La Lune et les Etoiles: 2 mvt NFA Newly Published Music award Winner for Flute quartet or choir

  • Legend of the Sleeping Bear: Narrated tone poem for flute choir based on the Legend of the Sleeping Bear from Ojibway lore for Flute choir

  • Legends from the Greenwood: 3 mvts telling the story of three early American legends for Flute quartet or choir

  • Lyric Noel, A: 4 flowing carols for Flute Quartet or Choir.  See Compilation Tables for contents.

  • Mariko Suite: 4 mvts based upon haiku for C Flute, Soprano, Piano

  • Mayflower Suite: 3 mvts about the founding of the city of Boston for Flute sextet or choir

  • Pavane, from "Academie of Dance": Stately dance  for Solo C Flute and Piano

  • Realms of Vision: 3 mvts based upon art work at the Hampton University Art Museum for Solo flute and Piano

  • Renaissance Noel, A: 4 old carols for Flute Quartet or Choir,  See Compilation Table for contents.

  • Salt of the Earth: 5 original pieces about Oklahoma for Flute quartet or choir

  • Silver Celebration: Original celebratory piece for the 25th anniversary of the Delta Flute Choir, Saginaw, MI  for Flute choir

  • Song of Ruth: Based upon the words of Ruth, "Whither thou goest, I will go" for Soprano, C and alto Flute, and piano.  Also for SATB choir

  • Suite de Montagne: 4 original pieces with mountain themes  for Flute Choir or Quartet

  • Tall Grass : 1 mvt, 4 distinct sections, based on the Flint Hills tall grass prairie of Kansas for Flute Quartet and String Orchestra

  • Three Philosophies: Low flutes concerto based on three Eastern philosophies for Contra, bass and alto flutes and String Orchestra

  • Trillium: Solo flute with piano adaptation from Floris for Flute, piano

  • Vistas: 3 mvts about grand and wonderful spaces and places for Flute quintet

  • Basque Noel: 1 mvt medley of Basque Christmas Carols for Brass quintet

Keiser Southern Music

  • Anthems of America: Beloved anthems for 2 violins, optional piano

  • Café Suite: 4 dances that pianists get to play all of the time but string players never do! for String quartet and piano

  • Cantiques de Noel: French carols for String Trio

  • Christmas Classics: Ever popular carols  for Piano trio  See Compilation Table for contents.

  • Christmas Lights: Carols for the lighter side of Christmas for String Trio.  See Compilation Table for contents.

  • Cole Porter Album: Best of Cole Porter's tunes for Piano Trio.  See Compilation table for contents. 

  • Esperance (Hope): Second movement of the Concertino au chemin aux etoiles. for Harp, string orchestra

  • Front Porch Duets: 10 well-known tunes for harp duet. No pedal or lever changes for 2 harps.  See Compilation Table for contents.

  • Galena-Milwaukee Breakdown: Train-inspired romp for string orchestra.  The first two movements of this The Generous Land, can be found from Camellia Music  for String orchestra

  • Hot Strings: Written for the 30th Anniversary of the Music Academy in Rockford, Il , this piece pays homage to the driving music of the 1980’s. for String orchestra and piano.

  • Hymns for Contemporary Worship: Top praise hymns for 2 violins, optional piano.  See Compilation Table for all hymn collection contents.

  • Hymns from Southern Harmony: Beloved hymns for 2 violins, optional piano

  • Hymns of Advent: Advent in Music for 2 violins, optional piano

  • Hymns Of Grace: Beloved hymns for 2 violins, optional piano

  • Hymns of Love: Beloved hymns for String Trio

  • Hymns of Peace: Beloved hymns for 2 violins, optional piano

  • Hymns of Power: Beloved hymns for 2 violins, optional piano

  • Hymns of Praise: Beloved hymns for 2 violins, optional piano

  • Hymns of Sacrifice and Triumph: Beloved Lent and Easter hymns for 2 violins, optional piano

  • Hymns of Thanksgiving: Beloved hymns for 2 violins, optional piano

  • Hymns of the Nativity Vol. 1: Beloved hymns for 2 violins, optional piano

  • Hymns of the Nativity Vol. 2: Beloved hymns for 2 violins, optional piano

  • International Folk Songs: Fun lively tunes for Piano trio

  • Keeping Christmas: English Carols for String Trio

  • O Night Divine: 8 lovely Christmas carols for Solo violin, piano

  • Quartets for Worship: 5 classic hymns  for String quartet

  • Six Intermediate Quartets: From the Classic Keyboard Repertoire for String Quartet

  • Six Intermediate Trios : From the Classic Keyboard Repertoire for 2 violins, viola

  • Three Pieces for Weddings and General Use: Chorales and hymns for special occasions for 3-5 Oct Handbells

  • Three Sensual Dances: As described for String Quartet

  • Water Critters: 4 mvts based on deep sea inhabitants for String Orchestra

C. Alan Publications

  • Cape Breton Postcard: 3 mvts for orchestra and based on folk music from Cape Breton for Symphony Orchestra

  • Fusion Suite: Tour de force for Bari Sax and piano for Baritone Sax and piano

  • Great Lakes Voyage: 4 mvts based on folk music from the Great Lakes. Individual movements can stand-alone. for Concert Band

  • Lewis and Clark: 2 mvts based on folk music of the Voyage of Discovery for Concert Band

  • Michigama Suite: 3 mvts about Michigan's nature and industry for Sopranino, Soprano, Alto Sax and piano

  • Pax: Arrangement from The Rose Quartet for concert band for Concert Band

  • Proud Titania: Arrangement for brass choir based on Rose Quartet piece for Brass choir and percussion

  • Sapphire: 1 mvt, 3 distinct sections, concerto for alto saxophone for Alto Saxophone and Piano

  • Spirit of the Shannon: 1 mvt flute concerto with 3 thematic sections in an Irish style for Solo flute and Concert Band

  • Sword Dancer: 1 mvt oboe concerto of 5 distinct sections, based on Scottish Highland dance  for Oboe and Concert Band

  • Woodland Serenade and Rondo: 1 mvt alto saxophone concerto of two linked sections  for Alto saxophone and Concert Band

Jeffers Handbell Supply

  • Allegro Glorioso: AGEHR’s 50th Anniversary Composition Competition Winner. Celebratory ring-fest! for 3-6 Octave Handbells

  • Be Thou My Vision (Concert Variations on "Slane"): Dramatic hymn adaptation for handbells for 3-7 Oct Handbells

  • Celtic Queen: Arrangement for handbells based on the original piano-strings version for 5-7 Oct Handbells, 3 oct chimes

  • Contemplation on Ubi Caritas: Based upon the 9th century chant "ubi caritas et amor" for 3-6 Octave Handbells and opt. hand chimes

  • Grace Ascending: Euphoric, rhapsodic piece for handbells for 5-7 octave handbells

  • Jupiter, Bringer of Jollity: Handbell arrangement of Jupiter from Holst’s The Planets for 5-7 octave handbells, 3 octave chimes

  • Odyssey: Written for the Bay View Week of Handbells for 5-7 oct. Handbells

  • Ragtime Nightingale: Arrangement from the Joplin Rag for handbells for 5-7 Oct Handbells

  • Revelation: Written as a bookend to Bill Payn's Genesis for bells  for 3-5 Oct Handbells

  • Rondo Alla Turca: The famous Mozart dazzler arranged for Handbells for 5-7 Oct Handbells

  • Tears: Arrangement for handbells based upon the Rachmaninoff 2 piano suite for 5-7 Oct Handbells

  • The Ballad of Siobhan ni Laoghaire: The ancient Gaelic melody upon which "The First One to Know" is based for 5-7 Oct Handbells

  • Trust and Obey (Fantasy on): Beloved hymn arranged for the dedication of a new church chancel for 3-5 Oct Handbells

  • Variations on an Olde Irish Aire: Traditional treatment of Londonderry Aire for 3-5 Oct Handbells


Kendor Music

  • Contemporary Christmas Classics: 10 carols with a modern twist for Clarinet Quartet


Lorenz Corporation

  • Pictures At An Exhibition: Selections from the Mussorgsky work arranged for 2 pianos for 2 pianos

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