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Companion Pieces to Accompany the Suzuki Piano Repertoire: Vol. 1-3 in 1p4h, Vol. 1-7 in 2p. 

Keyboard Home Companion: Easy 1p4h duets for Vol. 1 & 2

Making Music My Own: a piano method that includes improvisation, transposition and strong fundamental skills.

Vol. 1: Setting the Stage, Vol. 2: Grand Entrance, Vol. 3 Center Stage, Vol. 4: Virtuoso, Vol. 5:  Ovation

Portraits:  Original character pieces for piano solo:  As She Was, The Three Hags, Ophelia, Proud Titania

Christmas Around the Keyboard:  from Beginner to Intermediate Level.  Green, Red and Gold Volumes. 

And many more pieces....






Pictures At An Exhibition: Selections arranged for two pianos





Concert Band Music: Cape Breton Postcard (orchestra adaptation available from Camellia Music), Great Lakes Voyage, Lewis and Clark, Pax (from Rose Quartet)

Woodwind Concerti with Band:  All are available with a piano adaptation accompaniment.  Sapphire,  Woodland Serenade and Rondo, (alto sax), Spirit of the Shannon (flute) , Sword Dancer (oboe)

Brass Quintet or Choir:  Basque Noel, Proud Titania (from the Rose Quartet)

Saxophone Solo with piano:  Fusion Suite, Michigama Suite





Handbells:  Level 3+ and higher:  Allegro Glorioso, Ballad of Siobhan ni Laoghaire,  Be Thou My Vision (Concert Variations on "Slane"), Celtic Queen, Contemplation on Ubi Caritas, Grace Ascending, Jupiter, Bringer of Jollity, Odyssey, Pastorale (from the Messiah), Ragtime Nightingale, Revelation, Rondo Alla Turca, Sarah at the Tent (from the Gates of Paradise), Simple Gifts, Spirits on Fire, Tears  (arranged from the Rachmaninoff Fantasy Suite #1, Op. 5, for 2 pianos), Trust and Obey (Fantasy on),Valedictory, Variations on an Olde Irish Aire (Londonderry Aire)

Handbells for young ringers, Level 1-2:  Carol of the Bells, Ebenezer, Jazzy Jesus Loves Me, Joshua Fit the Battle of Jericho







Flute Ensembles (quartets, quintets, choirs, many with alternative instrumental parts) Academie of Dance (with orchestra or piano accompaniment), Beach Music, Catch a Falling Cherub, A Celtic Offering, Chansonnier (Veil of Grace), Chante (from Academie of Dance) , Children of the Wind, Chrysalis, Contra Songs, Falconer , Floris (with non-optional piano or harp), A Gaelic Offering,  Galliarde (from Academie of Dance), Hill Country Sketches, In Praise of Edna, James Towne Trilogy, La Lune et les Etoiles, Legend of the Sleeping Bear (with non-optional narrator), Legends from the Greenwood, Mayflower Suite (with non-optional piano), Pavane, (from "Academie of Dance"), Salt of the Earth, Silver Celebration, Suite de Montagne, Tall Grass (with string orchestra) ,Three Philosophies (with string orchestra or piano accompaniment), Vistas

Flute Solos with piano: As She Was, Baikal Journey, Realms of Vision, Trillium (from Floris)

Bass Clarinet solo with piano:  For Hope

Mixed Ensembles with Flute:  Dog Chronicles (soprano, flute, clarinet, piano), Eclectic Trio (flute, clarinet, alto saxophone), Fantasy on Coventry Carol (harp, strings, handbells, choir)  Mariko Suite (soprano, flute, piano)  Song of Ruth (soprano, C and alto flute, piano)






Christmas Clarinet Collection:  Contemporary Christmas Classics for Clarinet Quartet





Hymn Collections:  Anthems of America, Hymns for Contemporary Worship, Hymns from Southern Harmony, Hymns of Advent, Hymns Of Grace, Hymns of Love, Hymns of Peace, Hymns of Power, Hymns of Praise, Hymns of Sacrifice and Triumph, Hymns of Thanksgiving, Hymns of the Nativity Vol. 1, Hymns of the Nativity Vol. 2, Quartets for Worship

Christmas Collections:  Cantiques de Noel, Christmas Classics, Christmas Exultations, Christmas Lights, Contemporary Christmas Classics, Keeping Christmas, A Lyric Noel, A Renaissance Noel,  O Night Divine

String Orchestra:  Café Suite (with non-optional piano), Galena-Milwaukee Breakdown (from The Generous Land), Hot Strings (with non-optional piano), Water Critters, Esperance (Hope, from Concertino au Chemin aux Etoiles) harp concerto with string orchestra or piano accompaniment

For Harp:  Front Porch Duets for harp, also Esperance (listed above)

Misc. Chamber Collections for combinations of strings and/or strings and piano:  Cole Porter Album, International Folk Songs, Six Intermediate Quartets, Six Intermediate Trios, Three Pieces for Weddings and General Use, Three Sensual Dances

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