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12 mvt choral, woodwind quintet, brass quintet work. Based on the Gates of Paradise by Ghiberti which hang in Florence Italy.  Each movement represents one panel.  SATB choir (6 mvts $90 each, also Overture) Woodwind quintet (3 Mvts, $45 each), Brass quintet (2 Mvts $45 each), harp, percussion, organ, narrator. Movements: I. Overture, II. In the Beginning, III. Caine lies to God, IV. Noah Leaves the Ark, V. Sarah Leaves the Tent, VI. David Challenges Goliath, VII. Jacob Steals Esau?s Birthright, VIII. Moses Receives the Ten Commandments from God, IX. The Conquest of Jericho, X. A Great Deliverance, XI. King Solomon Welcomes the Queen of Sheba at Court, XII. Benediction. Duration 80 min. Available in Hard Copy, PDF. Commissioned by First Presbyterian-Saginaw, First Congregational Church-Saginaw, Saginaw Choral Society.  Please email me with your questions and preferences.  

Gates of Paradise, The (Le Porte del Paradiso)

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